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Microadventureworld is an adventure travel blog for microadventures.

You will find many articles, gear reviews and resources on the site for microadventures. In case you might be asking yourself, microadventures are short, simple, and cheap – yet still fun, exciting, refreshing and rewarding. For this reason, microadventures are very accessible and ideal for people with busy lives. Microadventureworld is also a resource for long distance adventures such as the Pacific Crest Trail, Camino de Santiago and the Wicklow Way. But where to start? You can find outdoor gear reviews and all the latest on my upcoming journeys in the blog.

About the Author

Derek Cullen is an Irish Adventurer and the author of Microadventureworld. He is best known for taking long distance adventures such as cycling across Africa and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. In recent years, Derek was nominated for People of the Year by Outsider Magazine. He has also featured on popular media channels including the Irish Times, Today FM, Africa Geographic and the Today Show on RTÉ . Full Bio Here

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