Do You Ruminate In The Outdoors?

– a deep thought about something or philosophical ruminations about life and humanity.


In my own instance, rumination can be described as the regurgitation of negative feelings, significant events and times of hurt from the past. Whatever way I try to replay these events and scenarios, the outcome is always the same – anxiety, depression or feelings of low self-worth.

I spend quite a bit of time ruminating, something I try to avoid as much as possible but nevertheless, something I do often.

Rumination Studies at Stanford University

Several years ago, professors in Stanford University created a study in which hundreds of students were tasked with an afternoon stroll in one of two locations – a city neighborhood and a grassy woodland. Having spent one hour in either one of these locations, the subjects were then handed a questionnaire which was designed to calculate a specific level of rumination.

Without going into any great detail, the findings of this study clearly demonstrated how the walkers who spent this time in nature, produced a distinctly low level of rumination compared to those who remained in the city. Furthermore, the professors concluded that nature enables one to see the world in a different light and hence, encourages people to ignore rumination for the sake of realizing any given moment.
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