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Microadventures Can Change the Way You Feel About Life

When I first began riding a bicycle through Africa, there was little on my mind other than the road ahead. From desert crossings and mountain climbs to remote tribes and wildlife around my tent; there was more than enough to occupy the mind.

In short, I spent one year focusing on the simple pleasures and far from the distractions which often consume my daily life. As my cousin says; “we can be busy fools” and it can be all too easy to allow mundane or meaningless thoughts to consume our time each day.

Replacing “Reasons” with Microadventures

Anyway, I also realized during that trip that taking a long distance adventure is not a realistic option for most people. Simply put, it seems like a ludicrous amount of time, money and commitment, not to mention the fact that cycling across Africa is a rather silly idea.

A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.

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However, in light of my positive experiences in the outdoors, I wanted to encourage others to get out there more often and microadventures seemed like the perfect fit. Short, local, and affordable; these brief escapes into the outdoors removed every reason a person could have for not taking one – time, travel, and money.

Experimenting with Microadventures in Ireland

Having spent one month taking these microadventures in Ireland, I now fully realize their importance and how even a brief escape in this increasingly busy life can offer the same rewards as an adventure on the other side of the world.

Rather than worrying about deadlines or emails, I was focused on the trail beneath my feet. Instead of stressing over the time, I was keeping an eye out for a suitable spot to pitch the tent. And with the fresh, cold water of a mountain stream on my hands, I was watching the sun rise and feeling re-invigorated.

Sitting back down to work later that day, there was a buzz of excitement as I thought about the next one.

Although it was a year-long bicycle ride that changed my mindset, I believe the time or means of any adventure is rarely the most rewarding aspect. That is to say; the simplicity of these microadventures in Ireland offered all the same rewards and excitement as my escapades around the world. Maybe adventure really is just a state of mind?

Either way, I genuinely believe that microadventures can change the way people feel about the world around them, or at the very least, allow them to forget about those meaningless thoughts for a while – in the comfortable solitude of the outdoors.

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Derek Cullen

Derek Cullen is an Irish Adventurer and the author of Microadventureworld. He is best known for taking long distance adventures around the world such as cycling across Africa and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in America. In recent years, Derek was nominated for People of the Year by Outsider Magazine and has featured on popular media channels including the Irish Times, Today FM, RTE and Africa Geographic.

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