Thermarest Z Seat | Ultralight Foam Seat Pad


  • Durable foam seat made of cell foam
  • Compact and accordion style design
  • Range of colours – Grey, lemon, and silver
  • Bungee loop to ensure seat stays rolled while hiking


While many outdoor adventurers will disregard the worth of a seat pad, this is mostly for the fact that they have yet to take one on a long distance hike. It is important to note that “long distance” is important to the question as to whether you should buy one, as you can easily go without a seat pad for one day of hiking.

That being said, this comfortable foam cell seat pad is extremely lightweight and highly useful. Featuring an aluminum coating, the seatpad ensures heat is retained but the foam provides the cushion and comfort.

While the colour may not matter, we absolutely recommend the seat pad for anyone considering a multi day hike.


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