What to Pack for a Microadventure Packing List

Wondering what to pack for a Microadventure? Honestly, this is a super straightforward process but you should still take care not to exclude any important items on a Microadventure packing list.

A Microadventure is short and simple. It is usually a local adventure and requires little money, yet the location of these adventures will often involve some exposure to uncertain elements in the outdoors. For this reason, you still need to prepare and have a reasonable idea in terms of what to expect. Here, you will find that I have laid out the bare essentials and what to pack for a Microadventure but please be aware the detail of this list should change accordingly.

Essentials Items On a Microadventure Packing List

Packing for a Microadventure is only complicated if you allow this to be the case. As always, the main objective should be to have a fun, stay safe, and find reward in an outdoor adventure. In some cases, you may not need everything on this list but at the same time, you should always expect the unexpected and approach a Microadventure packing list with caution.

Here is a basic checklist of what you will need to squeeze into your backpack:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mattress
  • Warm clothing and hat
  • Rain jacket and waterproof trousers
  • Headtorch
  • Food and water
  • Optional – Credit Card

While circumstances will be slightly different in every instance, this is all you really need to enjoy a rewarding Microadventure.

Detailed View of What to Pack for a Microadventure

Sleeping bag

Best sleeping back for a Microadventure packing list - North Face Sleeping BagIf you plan on spending a night outdoors in the middle of Winter, you will need the best sleeping bag for a Microadventure. Depending on the season (warmth) of the sleeping bag, you could always take a number of sweaters and thermal underwear to make up for the difference.Either way, never underestimate the importance of keeping warm.  Read more information about the North Face Blue Kazoo ProDown Sleeping Bag


Bivvy bag

Bivvy BagBivvy bags are essentially an alternative to taking a tent. However, they are not always ideal and are often the choice of those with a little more experience in the outdoors. There are several types of bivvy bag and each one is suited to different circumstances. As you can see from the image, they are very small and super lightweight but certainly not ideal for particularly harsh weather. Check out an example of a Bivvy Bag here


Picture of an Osprey Exos 58I am embarrassed to have taken so many long-distance trips with a terrible backpack. When I picked up the Osprey Exos 58, I realized the pure joy that comes with investing the best backpack for a Microadventure. Although lightweight, the frame is rigid and the backpack has endless features. There are also several sizes with 48L and 58L (Litre) being the most popular. I recommend 58L for those who might be interested in taking multi-day hikes in future. You can read my review of the Osprey Exos 58L here.


Headlamp by PetzlWith 350 lumens, you can be guaranteed it lights up the night but there is also a rechargeable battery which came in handy on more than a few occasions. Keep in mind, headtorches are extremely useful for keeping your hands free and this is especially important when setting up a tent in the dark – which happens a lot. Check out the Petzl Actik Here



Sleeping mattress

Ultralight Sleeping MattressYou need this one for warmth just as much as comfort. Many camping enthusiasts will swear by inflatable therma-rests. However, for me, these are just frustrating to setup and pack away. I love the simplicity of Z-Lite but also how it radiates heat upward back into the body. which is especially important on cold nights when the mattress prevents warmth from escaping into the ground beneath. Check Out the Z-Lite Mattress Here



Big Agnes Tent in IrelandAside from the bivvy bag, the tent is obviously one of your main pieces of outdoor gear for a Microadventure.

Also, this will be the heaviest item in your pack, even if you do go for a lightweight tent such as the Big Agnes Copper Spur 2. Either way, the best tent for a Microadventure is quite a personal choice. Check Out Big Agnes Tents Here

Clothing and Footwear Essentials

You do not need to look fancy or beautiful on a Microadventure, but it is crucial that you wear comfortable clothing that can withstand the elements on an adventure. Here are the main items you need to include on a Microadventure packing list.

Warm gear

If you are without proper thermals, your sleeping clothes can consist of shorts, thick pair of socks, leggings and a long sleeve as the base layer. You should also ensure the warmth of your jacket is sufficient and if it happens to be too warm, you will be thankful for going with a smart layer system. As a rule, it is okay to be too warm but not the other way around.


Day clothing

Again, you do not need to look fashionable on a Microadventure (trust me, nobody out there cares). However, comfort is crucial and every hiker will eventually realize the importance of having the best hiking shoes for a Microadventure. Having a spare pair of socks is a good idea but make sure you keep these somewhere dry with a spare set of clothing


Waterproof Gear

OR Hellium Rain jacketKeeping everything dry is crucial for both enjoyment and safety. You should always have a rain jacket just in case and rainproof trousers are something which you will also find at the top of my Microadventure packing list.

While the rainjacket is important, please do not forget the pants/trousers


Optional Items

There are also certain items that you may want to include on a Microadventure packing list, even if they but seem entirely unnecessary. Often, these are luxury items which you could easily do without but at the same time, that could make your journey that little bit more exciting, comfortable or even fun.


Picture of a pillowAnother item that I went without for years and for the life of me, I cannot understand why. Pillows are extremely small and considering the importance of a good nights rest, this should be considered on a Microadventure packing list. Many inflatable options are favored by adventurers but for me, I just care about the fabric and how it feels against my skin.



Camping Stove

Lightweight BRs stoveOne of my favourite things to do at the end of each day involves either a warm cup of tea or a hot meal (sausages). For this reason, when it comes to my ultralight stove, I never have a second thought regarding what to pack for a Microadventure. You can get by without it, sure, but nothing can substitute something warm for a cold night camping.




Micro Fibre TowelWell, it may come in handy at the end of a very wet day but more importantly, how about after swimming in a river?

Microfibre towels are always popular given the slight amount of weight they hold. Furthermore, while you may be concerned that these particular towels stink, there are now many microfibre towels which remain odorless after use.


Please know that this list is certainly not extensive in any way and merely a guide in terms of what you will need in general. Every destination and circumstance will have different requirements so please tailor your research for each trip rather than picking outdoor gear and hoping for the best.

What have you got on your Microadventure Packing List? Have I missed something? Please let me know in the comments.

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