Darn Tough Socks Review on the Pacific Crest Trail

I have been wanting to write a darn tough socks review for several months now. Please know that I was never paid or encouraged to write this review about Darn Tough hiking socks. Instead, I wanted to give an honest account of my personal experience with these socks on my long distance trek.

As you may know, I finished hiking the Pacific Crest Trail recently and went through several pairs of hiking socks during this time. However, aside from my darn tough hiking socks, I tested four different brands. I won’t name these brands but just know that each one is an extremely well known company with a solid reputation. In fact, I was gutted to find that my socks fell apart so quickly and this is mostly the reason I wanted to write this darn tough socks review.

My Darn Tough Socks Review

I purchased my first pair of Darn Tough hiking socks in San Diego just a few days before hitting the trail. On first impressions, I thought the socks looked rather uninspiring. Walking around town that day, I could tell that they had more cushion than what I was used to wearing but at the same time, it was impossible to make any kind of assessment. However, I would wear no less than five pairs on the Pacific Crest Trail so needless to say, my darn tough socks review is based on a hell of a lot of experience.

Darn Tough Vermont

About Darn Tough 

Darn Tough is a sock manufaturer in Vermont, USA. According to the company, every item to leave their backyard is hand crafted and made to withstand all kind of weather. While many hikers outside of North America may be unfamiliar with the brand, rest assured they are well known in this part of the world. Darn Tough hiking socks are produced with hikers, bikers and the ski industry in mind.

Specifications of Hiker 1/4 Sock Cushion

  • Weight – 2.3oz
  • 65% Merino Wool, 31% Nylon, 4% Lycra Spandex
  • Price: US$18

Darn Tough Socks Review

Wearing Darn Tough Hiking Socks on the Pacific Crest Trail

Overview – Simply put, my Darn Tough hiking socks were far superior to every other I tested on the trail. It was incredible what they were able to sustain. Although they eventually met their demise, this should be expected after more than one thousand miles. Comfortable and lightweight, they seemed effortless compared to my previous socks. Also, the holes that appeared in the socks were the result of me clipping my ankles when I was hiking.

Comfort – Without doubt, these were the most comfortable socks I had on trail. In fact, the only time I did not wear my Darn Tough was when I went to bed.

Appearance – As I said, my first impressions left a lot to be desired. Hiking is far from a fashion show. However, I feel that their creative team should be able to come up with something that looks a little more appealing.

Price – Honestly, I would pay the price for Darn Tough hiking socks everytime. At the same token, it does seem like a lot and even just $3 or $4 less would make me feel much better about the purchase.

Guarantee – Okay, let me explain in the next section about this incredible guarantee.

Darn Tough Guarantee & Customer Service

Darn Tough Guarantee

Darn Tough offer the most impressive lifetime guarantee I have ever encountered in the outdoor industry. Without strings and without any conditions, if they are not comfortable or if they do not fit properly, they will replace them immediately. In the case of you not being within reach of a store, you can also send the socks by post instead.

Ironically, I needed to contact their customer service team by email during my hike. Within minutes, I received reply requesting that I take a photograph of my damaged socks. Less than an hour later, I received confirmation that they had just placed my new socks in the post.

Special Guarantee for Pacific Crest Trail Hikers

I do know that this is not the first time Darn Tough have taken this approach. I spoke with three other thruhikers on the Pacific Crest Trail and they all had the very same experience. Apparently, the company is deeply appreciative of their popularity on the trail. For this reason, they make an exception for hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail.

With this in mind, they have got to be the best socks for the Pacific Crest Trail, right?

Disclosure: Please note the trust my audience has for my advice is of utmost importance to me. Hence, I will only recommend equipment I love from brands that I trust. I was not paid to review these socks and I purchased my own socks. I just know that these tents work really well for other outdoor adventurers and so they are likely to work for you too.