Everything You Need to Know About the Campo PCT Trailhead

Are you wondering where is the Campo PCT Trailhead ? Let me help you.

I started my own hike at Campo PCT trailhead back in April of this year. It was a little out of the way but luckily, I got a ride there to start hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Anyway, here is some brief information that I though you might like to have for your own hike.

Where is the Campo PCT Trailhead?

In case you might be asking yourself, the Pacific Crest Trail is a long distance hiking trail that travels 2,620 miles from Mexico to Canada. Most north bound hikers begin their trek between March and April.

As for the Southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail, this is located next to a small town called Campo. Situated right next to the border of Mexico, you will find a tall podium which is known as the southern terminus of the PCT.

Lack of Facilities in Campo

To be honest, this is quite a sleepy town and not the place for supplies. In my opinion, you should take everything you need to the border and this includes water. More on that later.

How to Get to the Campo PCT Trailhead

As already mentioned, I got a ride to the Campo PCT Trailhead and this is certainly the easiest way. Apparently, you can take a combination of tram and bus to the Campo PCT terminus for $8 but I’m unsure about this option.

Drive from San Diego to Campo PCT trailhead – 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Tram and Bus from San Diego to PCT trailhead – 4 Hours

Check out this option on Rome2Rio for more info on the bus to Campo.

Coming from Scout and Frodo’s

I never got to stay at Scout and Frodo’s – life got in the way. However, almost everyone else I met on trail stayed here and had nothing but the best things to say about the place.

If you stay here, you also get booked onto a morning “shuttle” to the Campo PCT Trailhead. Most hikers get up around 5.30am for breakfast and then pile into three cars for the ride to the border. The drive is just 75km but after taking photographs and chatting with other hikers, you will usually start walking around 7.30am – EEEK!

Driving to The Campo PCT Trailhead


About Water at the Campo PCT Trailhead

My friends, do not depend on there being water at the PCT Trailhead in Campo. More importantly, make sure you take enough water for the start of your hike. Just so you know, most people I ran into on day one and two had either run out or run super low on water. You do not want this to happen.

Also, I recommend that you take more water on this day than almost any other. It can get super hot and there is no water between Campo and Lake Morena – that’s 20 miles without a water source. Don’t worry, it gets better and easier.

For more information about this day, check out my post about the hike from Campo to Lake Morena PCT.

Anyway, that’s it – I hope that you found what you were looking for in my post.

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